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September 20th 2015. It’s happening. I am finally going to see Black Pussy. A two year wait is god damn long; not that they didn’t come around -they did twice- but here are my excuses: the first time around I had just driven across the country, lit up and of course got too lazy to make it to the Parkside all the way from Ocean Beach (complete sides of the city for those who never been to San Fran). No one to blame but my stoner ass. Second time around, some angry lady decided to start a petition because she doesn’t like black pussies apparently. Fortunately, her efforts to get the band out of our beloved city isn’t what stopped the show from happening. Their van broke, the engine blew up or something... (which isn’t fortunate at all actually!...).

The first opener was an Oakland-based band; pretty talented dudes with the simple yet to the point name: BlackWulf. I state the above because their name sums up quite well what you get from these metal heads, although I was a bit unhappy at times with the Queensrych-esque vocals, but the overall vibe more than made up for it. Plus, their drummer looks sixty and can put Lars to shame. So, there, I like you guys!

As this was all happening, the second opening band was still M.I.A. Where is Ape Machine guys??? I really wanna see them. I pretty much raped their spotify page the entire past week. Luckily for the entire humanity, they made it just in time and blew people’s faces away. They killed it after a long ass drive and dealing with a blown up engine…. (wait… is this a Black Pussy curse?). Bravo beautiful people!

After getting our faces melted by Ape Machine, we were ready for the main dish: Black Pussy! The band started raining these psychedelic sounds all over us from the get go. Similar and much louder than what you’d hear on the intro of "Magic Moustache". And pardon my weed and whiskey infused mind if I am mistaken, but I am pretty sure they played that album in its entirety as if On Blonde didn’t exist. Let’s be careful here, I need to point out that I am not complaining at all. Fuck go-to-type-setlists! This is the same feeling I had the first time I saw Maiden in 2010 (yes super late… fuck off) they played newer shit from Brave New World on.. and I am like yeah… I like and respect that.

Anywho. By now, I am having a good time and then I start having an amazing time!!! I heard the beginning riff of "For The Sake of Argument" and lost it! So everything that happened afterwards is a bit hazy. I danced my ass off, and most importantly was teased a couple times by Dustin Hill, the singer, which eventually lead to a glorious head banging session together. And so, I went home happy and satisfied. How is your Black Pussy experience? If you’ve never had one, I highly recommend it.

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