Live at The Castro Theater, San Francisco, Oct 15 2018

Photography & Words by Corgam

San Francisco’s classic venue The Castro Theater, located in the city’s eponymous historic district, welcomed Connan Mockasin, the eccentric multifaceted new zealander who was in town to screen the first out of five parts of Bostyn n’ Dobsyn, a film starred, written and directed by Mockasin himself, which allegedly took 20 years to make.

Bostyn n’ Dobsyn is a tawdry melodrama about Mr. Bostyn, a music teacher (played by Mockasin) who’s infatuated by one of his students, Dobsyn. The film is a perfect example of paracinema, filled with absurd situations that are equally engaging and ludicrous. The Jassbusters make their official appearance in the film as well, providing a poignant music score while revealing Mr. Bostyn's past under the bright spotlight. 


Following the screening, The Jassbusters came on stage to play in front of a seated crowd. What a pleasure it was to have experienced a live music concert in such setting. The event was  made  possible  by

"(((Folk Yeah!)))" a Northen California music curator and presenter whose carefully planned affairs seeks to present each event as a one of a kind experience for both the artist and the attendees. Indeed they succeeded at such mission with this concert, as the feeling of being part of something special was as sharp as Mockasin's guitar tone.  


Connan Mockasin's music has been described as “psychedelic pop” “neo-psychedelia” and “avant-pop” amongst other equally creative terminology. Whatever the label, it comes down to good music with an interesting character behind it, who had the audience screaming for more songs as the end of the concert was approaching.


Grand Marquee. The Castro's emblematic neon sign during Connan Mockasin's show. 

The Theater's interior design, classic as its Baroque façade

Audience upon arrival at The Castro.

Minutes before The Jassbusters came on stage.

Connan Mockasin and his Teardrop modified Stratocaster.

Bassist Rory McCarthy in the background and the blurred out figure of Mockasin in the foreground. 

Mockasin whilst deep in tought.

Rory McCarthy during the first out of two sets with The Jassbusters

Mockasin’s signature caramelized guitar tone sounded sharp and clean, paired with his soft vocals and sensual lyricism, it seemed as though the music was born out of that hall.