Words by Fatima Zahra El Filali  ·   Photos by Corgam

Hyped Canadian band Viet Cong are are in town the same day as Black Pussy and my homie is going. I am just gonna go to that I guess. Oh wait, fucking Viet Cong show is sold out. I got in regardless. I make my way to the front somehow. Well, I do know how, the fans were much more friendly and willing to let you in front of them compared to other fans (been to way too many douchy shows). Speaking of, the audience was pretty cool, and that is a huge part of enjoying any live shows (I’m looking at you people at the last Royal Blood show: a lil head banging in a rocking show costs nothing last time I checked!).

In all honesty, I only heard Viet Cong’s most famous songs. By most famous, I mean the first ones that appear on their Spotify page. These songs I’m familiar with are actually pretty good, so maybe my expectations of their live performance were higher than they should have. The band was OK live. By OK, I mean my mind was not totally blown, but it also wasn’t repulsed at all. Maybe I wanted to come out of that show as a hard core fan (which is something I wish of every show), but instead I had a great time -smiley face with huge teeth smile-. Go see them live if you can. Also, Viet Cong: don’t change your name, FUCK the haters!